Massage Therapy

Discover the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your home. A spa experience created, a new re-energized you emerges. No more dealing with traffic or weather. Lavande therapists bring the ambiance of the spa to your doorstep. 

60 min/$180    75 min/$220    90 min/$250    120 min/$300


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Therapeutic Swedish Massage

Light to firm pressure. Ideal for individuals wishing to unwind and relax. Traditional Swedish massage combines long flowing strokes with various other techniques designed to decrease muscular tension, increase circulation and flexibility, and renew your inner calm. 

Complimentary aromatherapy upgrade.  


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Neuromuscular Deep Tissue

Firm to deep pressure. Ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain, those recovering from an injury, or those experiencing muscular discomfort due to postural restrictions and/or overuse injuries. The goal is to help create balance between your Central Nervous System and your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones through deep structural massage and various techniques including myofascial release, muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, friction, muscle energy techniques, and joint mobilization.

*NOT a full body massage, some techniques and stretches require adequate time for muscles to ‘reset’ and scar tissue and fascial adhesions to be realigned.

Optional application of soft cups (a modified form of Chinese cupping utilizing soft silicone cups) provides a deeper myofascial release.


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Orthopedic/Sports Massage

Medium to firm pressure. Beneficial for athletes, individuals with a regular exercise routine, or weekend warriors. Combines the efficacy of active/passive stretching, deep massage, contrast therapy, and muscle energy techniques. The focus is to help prevent injury or repetitive strain by increasing flexibility and circulation, decreasing muscular tension and joint stiffness, while promoting optimal recovery through hydrotherapy.

*NOT a full body massage, some techniques and stretches require adequate time for muscles to ‘reset’ and scar tissue and fascial adhesions to be realigned.

Optional application of kinesiotaping or muscle rx/Arnica rx gel.


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Lava Shell Massage

Light to firm pressure. Ideal for those you enjoy hot stone massage or heated therapies. Perfect for the cooler weather.

Patented design from Spa Revolutions utilizes the shells from the Tiger Striped Clams harvested from the South Pacific. The shells are crushed and combined with porcelain and reformed and polished into an elegant shell shape ideal for massage and uniform heat transference. An eco-friendly heat activator reacts with natural minerals resulting in an exothermic reaction (heat generating) which can last 45 min to an hour per shell.

Choose from a variety of aromatherapy options.


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Prenatal Massage

Light to medium pressure. A Swedish massage designed to help alleviate the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Massage can decrease muscular tension and strain, increase circulation, and decrease stress. A more relaxed you allows baby to not stress too.

All healthy pregnancies are welcome throughout their journey at Lavande. Proper bolstering and techniques/pressure are observed at all times to ensure you and your baby enjoy the benefits of massage while remaining safe and comfortable.

Lavande requests that prior to initial prenatal massage you discuss massage therapy with your physician and provide a written doctor’s consent for massage to Lavande.






Massage Packages

Series of 3 massages discounted by 10% *

series of 6 massages discounted by 20% *

  1. May be redeemed at any time

  2. Transferable to friends and family

  3. Massage packages may consist of different massage modalities but must be for the same length of time

Massage Memberships

* 3 month membership ~ $450 (15% off)

* 6 month membership ~ $750 (30% off)

  1. Receive a 60 minute massage every month with a complementary upgrade or product

  2. Reduced rate when upgrading to a longer session or when adding an upgrade

  3. Friends and family enjoy same discount when booking same day; up to 3 times per person, per year

  4. Member Mondays: book on a Monday and receive an additional 15 minutes of massage time for free (a $40 value)

* Paid in advance, may not be combined with any other offers or discounts *

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Massage Classes

Learn how to give the benefits of massage to your significant other of beloved canine companion.


service prices include all applicable taxes, travel fees, and gratuity